We encourage a love of the profession and self-help for people in other cultures.
We are open-minded, committed and enterprising.

About us

EDA is a non profit-making organization of German opticians,
who go into foreign countries with other cultures for several weeks and commit themselves to helping them.
Months of preparation usually precede this and supervision is also necessary afterwards in order to ensure success.
We also offer development assistance to other colleagues working on other projects.

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Our Mission 

We are qualified opticians and like to pass on our know-how to people in developing countries.
Together with trainees we set up workshops and provide the most essential equipment.
A second operation is often necessary in order to be sure of success.

Our Vision

We would like to enable other people to be successful in their own countries.
Education and medical care are problems in almost all poor countries.  
Nevertheless good training for opticians can be possible.
With respect we want to make sure that we don't simply introduce "our" methods and then leave. 
We want to understand other ways of thinking and leave behind us a well functioning system.

Our Profiles

We are dedicated opticians. We love what we do, like to train others and pass on our know-how.
We invest a great deal of time in this, learn about other cultures and learn to speak their languages so that we can encourage and qualify the people in these countries.
Our commitment is entirely voluntary.

Give a fish to a hungry man and he won't be hungry for one day.

Teach him how to fish and he will never be hungry again.

Chinese proverb

Our Goals



>> We collect instruments, tools and equipment, glasses and frames from all over Germany and deliver them to the projects where they are needed.



>> We visit the developing countries, which have invited us , and set up basic opticians' workshops there so that local workers can learn how to make precise and very reasonably-priced glasses.

Usually the projects continue to be supervised by opticians, who take on this responsibility.
Our aim is sustainability.




Good partners are a very important precondition for success



SES ( Senior-Experten-Service )  is located in Bonn and is our most important partner for providing flights, transport, insurance and advice.


Partner in the country

A reliable and conscientious partner in the country we are helping is absolutely essential in order to set up our project.


German Industry

We couldn't carry out our work without the active support of German companies and firms, which provide us with frames, lenses, equipment and spare parts.

German Colleagues

We have friendly and helpful colleagues in the whole of Germany, who support us by donating instruments, collecting and storing them, repairing and adjusting them.
We are only able to set up a workshop if the necessary equipment is in working order.
We are of course always very grateful for any donations, for which tax receipts are issued.


Thanks a lot for the translation to Mrs. Herz !

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"Entwicklungsdienst Deutscher Augenoptiker"

(NPO - Non-Profit-Organisation)

Egon Scheich (1. Chairman)

Ludwigstrasse 29

84524 Neuötting


+ 49 8671  97 95 90


2. Chairman:

Reinhard Mueller

Rothenburger Strasse 5

D-74572 Blaufelden